Backloading and the Market Stability Reserve: A Path to Carbon Price Recovery

Backloading, introduced in 2014, is a reform measure implemented in the carbon market to boost carbon prices and incentivize investments in low-carbon technologies. By temporarily […]
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Carbon Market Design

Carbon Market Design: Maximizing Liquidity and Ensuring Success The Paris Agreement highlighted the importance of utilizing markets in the fight against climate change. Well-designed carbon […]
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Carbon Support Programmes

Let us help you get your carbon strategy right Comprised of compliance and voluntary markets, the carbon sector is complex, diverse and dynamic. Redshaw Advisors […]
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Europe risks losing green hydrogen funding to US, industry leader says

Head of Fortescue Future Industries, Mark Hutchinson, has said Europe will struggle to meet its green hydrogen targets (and reduce its dependence on Russian fossil […]
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Senate Democrats Unveil Inflation Reduction Act to Boost Renewable Energy with Tax Credit Commitments

Senate Democrats have introduced the Inflation Reduction Act, a $430 billion deal aimed at providing long-term tax credit commitments to wind and solar projects. The […]
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EU Commission Draft Plan Proposes Financial Incentives to Reduce Gas Demand

An EU Commission draft plan titled 'gas demand reduction plan' suggests that EU countries should offer financial incentives to companies purchasing energy in order to […]
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Denmark Plans to Increase Offshore Wind Capacity to Accelerate Green Transition

The Danish government has unveiled plans to significantly expand the country's offshore wind capacity, aiming to accelerate the green transition and reduce dependence on Russian […]
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Supply Chain Delays and Rising Costs Hamper Renewable Energy Expansion

The expansion of renewable energy capacity is facing significant challenges due to supply chain delays and the soaring cost of materials. Delays in the delivery […]
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EC claims EU payment in roubles for Russian gas would violate sanctions regime.

EU Considers Russian Gas Payments in Roubles as Potential Breach of Sanctions A technical and preliminary internal note from the European Commission has revealed that […]
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Shell Faces Lawsuit for Failing to Implement Paris Agreement-Aligned Strategy

Shell, a multinational energy company, is now facing a lawsuit for its failure to adopt a climate strategy that genuinely aligns with the goals of […]
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