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Most companies become involved with carbon markets due to compulsory participation in an Emissions Trading System (ETS). Given the complexity and constant evolution of these markets, staying updated and managing risk can be challenging.

Your Guide in the Carbon Market Maze 

With Redshaw Advisors, you don’t need to navigate this complexity alone. Our deep knowledge of both the compliance cycle and market aspects of Emissions Trading Systems empowers us to guide you effectively. We’ve developed a comprehensive ETS training programme that covers all you need to know about emissions markets, trading, and compliance.

Customised ETS Training

Our training day typically includes:

  1. Introduction to Emissions Trading: Understand its history, purpose, and key terminology.
  2. On-the-Ground Operation: Learn about permits, verification, the compliance cycle, and trading basics.
  3. Future Perspectives: Discover how and why carbon prices change, and what the future might hold.
  4. Strategies: Develop tactics to cope with fluctuating carbon prices.

We can also tailor our training to suit your specific needs.

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Proven Track Record

We have conducted training events for a wide variety of companies and individuals, from onsite teach-ins for single companies to pre-conference training for large groups of conference delegates. We also host trade association seminars, such as providing the South Korean Electricity Generators Association with a morning of emissions trading insights.

Here’s what our delegates have to say:

  • “Good speakers, topics and excellent venue.”
  • “I felt that the training material was pitched just right. I particularly enjoyed the price forecasting session.”
  • “The background and history were interesting, learning how to set a strategy was really helpful.”

Next Steps

Take control of your carbon compliance journey today by exploring our range of training options. Whether you prefer a detailed training day agenda, register your interest in a group training session, or book an onsite training session, we have you covered. Make the most of these opportunities to enhance your knowledge and ensure compliance.

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