Trust Redshaw Advisors: Your Carbon Market Experts 

Navigating carbon markets can be complex and challenging due to their ever-evolving nature. Fortunately, the team at Redshaw Advisors has a solid track record built on decades of collective carbon market experience. Our expertise spans from foundational aspects of the EU ETS such as market-making and standardised trading documentation to trading billions of tonnes of carbon credits.

Unrivalled Practical Experience

Our practical understanding of how carbon markets work is second to none. We help industrial installations manage their regulatory burdens, and we even design efficient carbon markets from scratch. Whether you need insight, guidance, carbon training, or hands-on experience, our carbon consultancy is ready to assist.

For a custom approach, we are always happy to work with clients on a bespoke basis. Moreover, we offer three key ‘off-the-shelf’ carbon consultancy and training services:

  1. Expert Witness Services: Provide evidence based on our expertise in the carbon market.
  2. ETS Training: Enhance your knowledge of Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) and the carbon market.
  3. Market Design: Develop efficient and effective carbon markets with our comprehensive design service.

Successful Track Record

Our consultancy has advised or is currently advising on every aspect of carbon markets. We assist government agencies aiming to deliver efficient emissions trading schemes, industrial installations dealing with uncertainty around future carbon prices, allocations, and regulation, and investment firms grappling with carbon portfolio valuations.

Bespoke Carbon Consultancy 

Whether you need help understanding the legal details of an emissions trading contract, running a workshop on building liquidity in emerging carbon markets or designing a custom risk-management plan for your company’s carbon exposure, our consultancy can guide you. We alleviate uncertainty and fast-track your expertise in the carbon market.

Ready to turn the complexity of carbon markets into your competitive advantage?

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