If you are not already a customer of Redshaw Advisors you can buy an annual subscription to the WeeklyRed by getting in touch with the team on +44 203 637 1055 or by sending an email to info@redshawadvisors.com. There are two subscription levels for the WeeklyRed, one for installations without professional traders and one for everyone else. When you get in touch, please let us know which subsciption is applicable and we can send you an invoice.


Non-professional installation: £250 per year (plus VAT @ 20%)

All others: £500 per year (plus VAT @ 20%)

General terms and conditions: buyers acquire a licence to receive and use (see important notice below) Redshaw Advisors’ WeeklyRed publication for a period of 12 months from the date of subscription. All subscriptions are strictly personal, additional users of the product will require a separate licence. Enterprise licences are available on request. Redshaw Advisors Ltd reserves the right to to curtail a subscription after 6 months if a buyer is deemed, at Redshaw Advisors’ sole discretion, to have erroneously chosen a ‘Non-professional installation’ subscription. No refunds are available after the first edition of the WeeklyRed has been issued under the licence. By paying for a subscription you, the buyer, agree to these terms and conditions.

Important notice: please read Redshaw Advisors’ general disclaimer and the specific WeeklyRed disclaimer (as set out in the WeeklyRed publication).