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Our team of experts can help your aviation business achieve its emission objectives and regulatory compliance by advising on and procuring carbon offsetting and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) related solutions.
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Consultancy & Training

With decades of experience, we provide custom solutions, expert witness services and trainings for environmental markets, streamlining your journey and helping you to navigate ever-evolving policies.
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Carbon Support Program®

Our flagship Carbon Support Programme (CSP) offers advanced, actionable intelligence for EU ETS and UK ETS participants.
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We can help you get ahead on CBAM requirements and risk management. Our specialist consultants can inform you about this complex regulation's impact on your business, guide you through the requirements you need to fulfil, and help you craft a tailored risk-management strategy to stay ahead of the curve.
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Redshaw Advisors is your partner in understanding and mastering Emissions Trading Systems (ETS). With a deep understanding of compliance cycles and market dynamics, we offer comprehensive ETS training.
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We work with you to build and execute a bespoke strategy to procure applicable emissions allowances and renewable energy certificates, so you can fulfill your compliance requirements and reach your objectives.
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We develop renewable energy solutions and execute strategies tailored to your organisation's unique needs, leveraging our market expertise, up-to-date policy knowledge and comprehensive procurement capability.
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Shipping is now included in the economic area's carbon compliance regime (EU ETS). Our experts will be able to guide and advise you in this complex matter including the procurement of carbon allowances.
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The UK Government is implementing a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to mitigate carbon leakage risk by applying a carbon cost to imported goods, ensuring they are subject to a comparable carbon price to UK products.
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Voluntary carbon markets are an important tool for companies willing to go the extra mile in their net zero journey and offset their unavoidable emissions. We are committed to advising our clients with integrity and transparency to advance the ethical development of the voluntary carbon market.
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