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Navigate CBAM with Confidence: Don’t let confusion hinder your progress. Redshaw Advisors offers the knowledge and aid you need to confidently navigate the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism before October 1.


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Redshaw Advisors empower organisations to thrive in a carbon-conscious economy, we equip businesses, investors, and governments with the critical understanding necessary to navigate the complex waters of carbon pricing and its financial implications.

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Operating from London, the heart of global carbon legal, financial, and consulting know-how, our multilingual team extends its services worldwide. Led by seasoned experts at Redshaw Advisors, our team boasts a history of pioneering carbon market development across premier financial organisations.

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Democratising access to our years of knowledge, integrity, and excellence in carbon markets, regardless of your carbon market exposure or geographical location. Whether you seek advice on price trends, carbon credit financing, offsetting, free allocation forecasts, hedging indirect carbon exposure, or designing an efficient Emissions Trading Scheme, we are your go-to advisors.

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If you’re keen on understanding how we can meet your carbon market needs through strategic guidance, financial analysis, or tailor-made solutions, please feel free to reach out. Our commitment to partnering with leading organisations enables us to offer cost-effective, exceptional, and high-impact solutions for our clients.

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 While Redshaw Advisors may be a relatively new player, established in 2014, we’ve already left an indelible mark on the industry. Our association with the carbon markets runs deep, highlighting our understanding of the industry’s dynamics and our unwavering commitment to driving outstanding results. Our past accomplishments stand as proof of our expertise and the tangible value we bring to our clients.

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Europe’s leading and largest environmental markets conference 

Now in its 7th year, Carbon Forward is Europe’s leading and largest environmental markets conference. Bringing global carbon market expertise and talent from government, finance, energy, transport, shipping and aviation sectors, it is the singular must-attend event of the year. Carbon Forward comprises conferences and exhibitions.

Championing simplicity, price transparency and an inbuilt pathway to net zero for the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Net Zero Markets develop next generation environmental market risk management tools, products and contracts which champion simplicity and trust for offsetters, as well as transparency and fungibility for investors and traders. To achieve this mission, Net Zero Markets have assembled an executive team who have been at the forefront of these markets since their inception and who combine decades of environmental, energy and financial market expertise.