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Carbon Support Program® (CSP)

Our flagship Carbon Support Program® (CSP) offers advanced, actionable intelligence for EU ETS and UK ETS participants.

Effective Carbon and Compliance Management

CSP provides in-depth analysis, risk management recommendations, and market intelligence through comprehensive monthly, quarterly or bi-annual reports, leveraging the expertise of Redshaw's highly experienced carbon and environmental markets expert team.

What is Being Delivered?

The CSP takes into account an organisation's carbon exposure, budget as well as any other relevant factors. With these in mind, our experts deliver a detailed carbon risk audit and recommendation report to address the specific needs of each client.

What Does it Cover?

  • Provides in-depth market intelligence and insights including reliable price forecasts.
  • Explores all relevant developments in the compliance carbon market, including legislative, fundamental, and any other relevant factors.
  • Leverages client data to generate a bespoke report for each client.
  • Analysis of the financial exposure to the EU-ETS and UK-ETS regulatory regimes.
  • Analysis of pertinent risks and opportunities.
  • Risk management recommendations and priorities.
  • European Carbon Emission Allowances (EUA) price forecasts from renowned analysts (e.g. Morgan Stanley, Macquarie and Refinitiv).
  • Free allocation forecasts using different scenarios.
  • Cost analysis of buying required carbon allowances.

Join the Carbon Support Program®

Equip your organisation with the intelligence and tools needed for effective carbon and compliance management. Benefit from the insights and recommendations of our expert team to stay ahead in the carbon market.

Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can tailor it to meet your needs.
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