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Consultancy & Training

With decades of experience, we provide custom solutions, expert witness services and comprehensive training for environmental markets, streamlining your journey and helping you to navigate ever-evolving policies.

Unparalleled Environmental Markets Expertise

Whether you need insights, guidance or carbon training, our advisors are ready to assist.

Our expertise spans from foundational aspects of the EU ETS and UK ETS regulatory schemes, such as market-making and standardised trading documentation, to trading large quantities of carbon credits.

We effectively support our clients in dealing with uncertainty around future carbon prices, allocations and regulations, or investment firms requiring assistance with carbon portfolio valuations.


We offer the following standard carbon consultancy and training services.
Please get in touch to discuss bespoke programs.

  • Compliance markets: Enhance your knowledge of the UK and EU Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) and the respective carbon markets.
  • Voluntary markets: Comprehensive program on how to make voluntary carbon markets work for you.
  • Renewable energy & other: Understanding renewables and their respective markets.

Market Design

We work with national and sub-national bodies to develop efficient and effective carbon markets with our comprehensive design service.

Expert Witness Services

We provide evidence and expert opinions based on our comprehensive and highly-respected knowledge and long-standing participation in the carbon market.

More Services to Consider

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We work with you to build and execute a bespoke strategy to procure applicable emissions allowances and renewable energy certificates, so you can fulfill your compliance requirements and reach your objectives.
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Redshaw Advisors is your partner in understanding and mastering Emissions Trading Systems (ETS). With a deep understanding of compliance cycles and market dynamics, we offer comprehensive ETS training.
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We can help you get ahead on CBAM requirements and risk management. Our specialist consultants can inform you about this complex regulation's impact on your business, guide you through the requirements you need to fulfil, and help you craft a tailored risk-management strategy to stay ahead of the curve.
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Insights From Our Experts

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Compliance carbon markets, a bright future ahead

Compliance carbon markets have become an essential tool for lawmakers around the world, and commodity researchers believe that their rise will continue throughout the next […]
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5 things shipping companies must do to prepare for the inclusion of maritime in the ETS

From 1 January 2024, the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) was extended to cover ships over 5000 GT transporting within the European Economic […]
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Shipping and the EU ETS: Who, what, why and when?

The European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is setting a course towards a greener future for one of the oldest modes of transport - […]
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