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About Us

Who We Are

We are expert advisors and have been pioneering environmental market risk management strategies since 2014 to support organisations in achieving their compliance and voluntary climate goals.

In-depth Expertise

With vast, proven experience in emissions markets and the development of market-based end-to-end solutions, we provide comprehensive assistance to help organisations understand and manage risk related to their carbon footprints.

Our in-depth expertise allows us to guide our clients through evolving compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

Driving Impact

We strongly believe in the power of markets to advance climate goals.  Market-based approaches or incentives, such as emissions trading schemes and carbon offsetting, may provide continuous inducements to encourage emitting entities to reduce their carbon emissions. These mechanisms are among the most efficient ways to drive wider climate goals.

This belief in the efficacy of environmental markets, coupled with a deep understanding of environmental markets and market-based solutions, allows us to advise organisations with the highest level of integrity. This way we empower our clients to leverage the environmental markets to fulfil their compliance obligations and achieve their voluntary targets, while at the same time furthering effective climate action.

Louis Redshaw

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Louis Redshaw, the company's founder & CEO, has been advising on carbon markets for more than 20 years.

He has been a true ‘first mover’ in the carbon markets, driving forward innovative and ground-breaking products.

Louis helped shape the industry, leading Barclays, environmental markets team for a decade.  He created, and more importantly, shared with the whole trading community, standardised trading documentation that allowed the secondary Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) market to start. He later repeated the initiative in the US by standardising terms that led to the first trades in California Carbon Allowances (CCAs). Both standards were subsequently adopted by exchanges active in carbon trading.

Louis has fought hard to protect the integrity of the carbon markets – most notably with his stance on VAT fraud and carbon credit theft in 2009/10. Here he personally assumed a leadership role in educating his financial peer companies and various authorities, including the European Commission, UK Treasury, the FCA and HMRC, on the problems and the potential solutions.

He has twice given evidence to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee as an expert in carbon trading.

Louis holds an MSc from Imperial College in Environmental Technology and Energy Policy.

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