The COP21 Paris agreement has united the world in the fight to limit global warming and it will expose all companies…

…to a new, currently unquantified risk & cost.  In the meantime there are emissions trading systems already up and running or in the pipeline that give rise to real and current economic risks. Added to this is an array of country specific carbon reduction legislation and taxes. Understanding the carbon risk and exposure that your company faces from climate change legislation is increasingly important.

Carbon risk comes in a variety of shapes and forms, both nationally and internationally. For your company to remain competitive and profitable, for it to be attractive to investors, employees, consumers and credit rating agencies it needs to have carbon risk management in place and a keen understanding of all of its carbon exposure. That exposure can be a direct cost or a need to demonstrate a good Corporate Social Responsibility policy that includes offsetting and carbon neutrality.

Redshaw Advisors’ mission is to help companies to be successful in carbon markets. To this end we offer a number of off-the-shelf carbon risk management and strategy services that help manage carbon exposure from our Carbon Support Programme to our route to market service. From carbon price forecasts to carbon neutral sourcing and accreditation.  We also offer a bespoke carbon risk management consultancy service for those companies with specific needs.

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