Controversies and Adjustments in Free Allocation Distribution within the Phase IV EU ETS Proposal

The distribution of free allocation has become a highly contentious issue within the Phase IV European Commission proposal. The objective of free allocation is to […]
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Hannover Implements Energy Conservation Measures Amid Russian Gas Crisis

Hannover, Germany, has taken decisive action in response to the Russian gas crisis, with the Mayor announcing a city-wide goal to reduce energy consumption by […]
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French Prime Minister Announces Plan to Renationalise EDF to Address Rising Energy Prices

French Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, has revealed her intention to renationalize the indebted electricity giant, EDF, to mitigate the impact of escalating energy prices. EDF, […]
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RWE Highlights Potential Strain on EU Solidarity if Russian Gas Supply is Disrupted

German utility company RWE has raised concerns about potential strains on European Union (EU) solidarity during the upcoming winter season if the Russian gas supply […]
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Gazprom Reduction in Nord Stream 1 Gas Flows Raises Concerns

Gazprom, the Russian state-owned energy company, has significantly cut gas flows along the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, reducing capacity to below 40% (down 25 million […]
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G7 Nations Agree to Halt Funding for Overseas Fossil Fuel Development

In a significant move, the world's largest economies, known as the G7 nations, have committed to ending their funding for overseas fossil fuel development. The […]
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EU will do 'whatever it takes' to rebuild solar energy manufacturing in Europe

EU Aims to Reduce Reliance on Russian Fossil Fuels with Renewable Energy Transition In response to the invasion of Ukraine, the European Union (EU) has […]
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“Misleading” Polish billboards blame EU climate policy for electricity costs

Polish Utilities Blame EU Emissions Trading System for High Energy Prices Polish state-owned utilities have launched an advertising campaign that places blame on Brussels and […]
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FEAD Calls for Impact Assessment on Including Energy-from-Waste in EU ETS

The Federation of European Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD), the European waste industry body, has called for an impact assessment to evaluate the inclusion […]
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Consortium Proposes Converting Exhausted Oil and Gas Wells into CO2 Burial Test Sites in the UK

A collaborative effort between universities and energy companies, known as the Net Zero Rise (Research Infrastructure for Subsurface Energy), has put forth a proposal to […]
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