Forecasted shortfall of RE100 up to 224TWh


BloombergNEF has published its updated RE100 forecast.


They project that including the additional 22 companies that have joined in the first half of this year,

RE100 members will need to purchase an additional 224TWh of clean electricity in 2030 to meet their 100%

renewable goals.


This clean electricity shortfall is up 62TWh from the original RE100 forecast, produced in early 2018

and is now greater than the size of Vietnam’s power generation fleet.


It highlights the growing gap between RE100 members’ commitments and their actions
as demand from new RE100 members far outstrips clean energy procurement from incumbent members.


There is potentially a huge opportunity for developers, utilities, and investors to capitalize on this growth.


Apple plan Renewable Energy supply chain


As part of its ongoing Renewable Energy strategy Apple now has commitments from

over 70 suppliers that they will use 100% renewable energy.


Nearly 8 gigawatts of power capacity that is required to manufacture Apple’s products.


Apple noted that they aim to avoid over 14.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year,

an amount equal to taking more than 3 million cars off the road every year.



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