Czech minister would support Poland’s call for suspension of EU ETS 

The Czech Republic has announced its support of Poland’s position in relation to challenging the EU ETS. Earlier this month the Polish Parliament passed a resolution calling the EU to suspend and reform the EU ETS.

Czech Energy Minister Karel Havlíček told Czech Television that “The market is unbearable…I would support them (Poland), I would escalate it (the discussion), so at the end, the solution could be a return of 400 million allowances to the ETS market.”

Poland warned that it might withdraw from it unless the EU changes the trading system. “The market is simply defenceless against speculative manipulations. It is the main reason why today it is stunning its participants with prodigiously high prices of allowances, which any of the European institutions have not predicted,” Poland’s Minister for European affairs Konrad Szymański said on Friday.

While Czechia agrees with this criticism, it has no intention to withdraw from the ETS.

Adapted from an article in Euractiv