EU ETS Phase IV Free Allocation Webinar

Free allocation of EUAs in EU ETS Phase IV (from January 2021)

This event is for EU ETS installations only.


In advance of phase IV, we invite you to join us this September for a summary of the changes. Our webinar will guide you to better understand your free allocation and assist you in making long term investment decisions.

Phase III of the EU ETS ends on the 31st December 2020 with final submission of allowances by the 30th April 2021. Phase IV of the scheme commences on 1st January 2021 for a ten-year period which is expected to see major changes in the environmental landscape with the introduction of The Green Deal setting out steps towards net zero by 2050. Our webinar has been designed to guide industry with installations covered by the EU ETS to begin to understand the basis for free allocation of European allowances during the phase IV period. Free allocation is critical to planning long term investment at an installation to reduce its environmental impact and remain globally competitive.

Whilst the UK is expected to leave the EU and the EU ETS on the 31st December 2020 then set up its own carbon trading system, it has been announced by UK government that installations will follow the same rules regarding free allocation, monitoring and verification as sites in Europe.


Wednesday 2nd September

09:30 – 10:30 GMT



Hear from our very own experts on how the changes could affect your business. 


Simon Watson – Senior Consultant – Introduction


Louis Redshaw – Founder and CEO – Review of phase III allocation & price build:

o Free allocations

o Purchasing allowances


o International Allowances

o Benchmark calculations


Tom Lord – Head of Trading and Risk Management – Potential phase IV allocation:

o Phase IV

o Historical activity levels

o Benchmarks (Technology Progress)

o Carbon Leakage exposure factor



o Free allocation adjustment due to activity level change

o Data verification

o Other operational changes (increasing efficiency)

o Banking and borrowing


Q & A Session – 10 mins


We will be hosting a Polish language webinar of the topics discussed on the 9th September. If you are interested in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Greek translations please get in touch and one of our colleagues will be pleased to help you.

Redshaw Advisors Ltd continue to partner with Carbon Forward Events to bring you regular expert training and conference days. For further insight and analysis of all areas of the environmental markets please join us at the Carbon Forward 2020 Conference, 30th September to 2nd October. Get in touch for ticket enquiries


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