Redshaw Advisors: Navigating the Growing Carbon Markets

Louis Redshaw, former head of carbon, coal, and iron ore trading at Barclays investment bank, has launched Redshaw Advisors, a London-based advisory firm. With a focus on helping companies manage risks associated with carbon trading, Redshaw Advisors aims to capitalize on the anticipated growth in emissions trading markets worldwide. This move comes as carbon markets recover from a period of low prices and reduced demand following the global economic crisis. In this blog post, we will delve into Redshaw Advisors’ vision and its strategic partnerships in the evolving landscape of carbon markets.

Embracing the Growth Potential

Redshaw believes that the current climate presents an opportune moment for carbon markets. With positive news surrounding growth and potential expansion, Redshaw Advisors aims to help companies prepare for this upturn. Initially focusing on the European carbon market, the largest in the world, the firm plans to expand its services to the United States and Asia. Redshaw’s confidence in the growth prospects of these markets sets the stage for Redshaw Advisors’ strategic approach.

Expert Team and Partnerships

To ensure the firm’s success, Redshaw has assembled a talented team. Margaret-Ann Splawn, formerly of B&A Capital and DASCO Partners, joins as the head of sales. Rachel Caffarate, a former colleague of Redshaw’s at Barclays, takes on the role of head of legal. Redshaw Advisors has also formed a strategic partnership with Energy Aspects, a renowned energy market analysis firm. Trevor Sikorski, lead carbon analyst at Energy Aspects and another former Barclays colleague, will provide valuable insights to support Redshaw Advisors’ clients.

Market Recovery and Regulatory Support

Carbon markets worldwide experienced a decline in pollution permit prices, largely due to the financial crisis and insufficient government commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the European Union has implemented market reforms, resulting in a rise in carbon prices. Additionally, President Barack Obama’s proposed emissions regulations in the United States indicate the potential expansion of regional and state-level trading programs. These factors signify a positive outlook for carbon markets and align with Redshaw Advisors’ growth strategy.

Redshaw Advisors enters the market as a London-based advisory firm, poised to support companies in managing their risks associated with carbon trading. With a focus on the growing carbon markets, the firm anticipates a period of expansion and opportunity. The team’s expertise, combined with strategic partnerships and a favourable market outlook, positions Redshaw Advisors to guide clients through the changing landscape of emissions trading. As carbon markets continue to recover and gain regulatory support, Redshaw Advisors aims to be at the forefront of this transformation, providing valuable insights and assistance to companies navigating the evolving world of carbon trading.