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We are proud recipients of two prestigious Environmental Finance awards in the Voluntary Carbon Market. Our accomplishments include winning the Best Trading Company category and securing the runner-up position in the Best Advisory/Consultancy category. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support we have received. With unwavering integrity and transparency, we are committed to advancing the voluntary carbon market by facilitating impactful investments and driving significant emissions reductions.

Addressing Growing Pressures on Companies and Supply Chains

Companies and supply chains face mounting pressure to address their carbon footprint in today’s business landscape. Carbon offsetting presents an effective solution, enabling businesses to neutralise their emissions by purchasing and cancelling carbon credits. This approach applies to both carbon footprint neutralisation activities and mandatory compliance markets like the EU ETS, CNETS, and California’s cap and trade system. By utilising cost-effective carbon offsets instead of official compliance carbon credits, companies can navigate the complexities of carbon markets. However, the abundance of carbon offset projects and credit standards often leaves companies uncertain about the best course of action, discouraging their participation due to concerns about investing in carbon credits with inadequate environmental credentials.

Trust, Transparency, and Integrity at the Core

The Voluntary Carbon Market operates without regulatory oversight, resulting in significant price discrepancies across different project types and regions, despite the common goal of reducing one tonne of CO2 emissions. This issue is further compounded by various profit margins within the supply chain.

At Redshaw Advisors, we prioritise trust and transparency. Our Transparent Pricing Policy ensures that both project owners and clients (buyers) have clear visibility into the allocation of the client’s investment to specific projects. This commitment fosters trust among corporate clients while maximising revenue for the projects themselves. With increasing clients directing more of their investment toward projects rather than being absorbed by the supply chain, we stimulate the development of new and impactful initiatives.

Sourcing Carbon Offsets with Widely Adopted Standards

To meet rigorous standards and ensure the highest quality carbon offsets, we source credits that adhere to widely adopted criteria. These include measurability, permanence, additionality, independent verification, and uniqueness. Our selection process incorporates respected frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (page 63), the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) technical specifications (page 7), and the private Carbon Neutral Protocol (page 37).

Guiding Companies on Carbon Offset Standards and Solutions

Redshaw Advisors assists companies in comprehending the minimum carbon offset standards applicable to their specific needs. Through a no-obligation pricing approach, we help source and irrevocably cancel carbon offsets that align with their goals. For a comprehensive understanding of the process, certification, and branding related to achieving carbon neutrality, please refer to our dedicated section on becoming carbon neutral.

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