Carbon offsetting with confidence

Redshaw Advisors Ltd have claimed two Environmental Finance, Voluntary Carbon Market Awards.

Winner of the Best Trading Company and runner up in the Best Advisory/Consultancy category. We are delighted with the results and thankful for all the support we received. We will continue to deliver our service with integrity and transparency to ensure investment in the voluntary carbon market develops further projects and emissions reductions.

Hear from our Director of Offsetting, Bill Goldie, on winning the Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market awards

Companies and supply chains are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are taking the issue of climate change seriously

Carbon offsetting has a role to play in both carbon footprint neutralisation activities, where carbon credits equalling a company’s carbon footprint are bought and cancelled, and mandatory compliance markets such as the EU ETS, CNETS and California’s cap and trade system, where cheaper carbon offsets can be used in place of the official compliance carbon credits. There is a bewildering array of carbon offset projects and carbon credit standards. Companies sometimes find it difficult to decide what carbon offsets to buy. So much so that companies can be put-off from carbon offset trading or using CERs for compliance for fear of buying the ‘wrong’ kind of carbon credit, for example one with poor environmental credentials.

We work with customers on carbon offsetting and footprinting in three core areas:

Guide to using CERs in the EU ETS
Becoming Carbon Neutral

Renewable energy solutions

Trust, Transparency and Integrity

The Voluntary Carbon Markets is unregulated with various project types and regions commanding prices that vary considerably, for what is always a reduction of one tonne of COemitted into the atmosphere. This issue is exasperated by varying levels of margin added within the supply chain.  

Redshaw Advisors have a Transparent Pricing Policy with both the project owners and the clients (buyers) as to how much of the client’s investment is going to the projects. This will bring much needed trust into the sector from corporate clients and ensure additional revenue to the projects.  

The combination of more clients, with more of their investment going to the projects as opposed to getting stuck in the supply chain will incentivise more project development.  

Carbon offsets that meet widely adopted standards (i.e. that are measurable, permanent, additional, independently verified and unique) including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, page 63, the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) technical specifications, page 7 and the private Carbon Neutral Protocol, page 37, can be sourced.

We help companies understand what the minimum carbon offset standards are and we price (on a no obligation basis), source and irrevocably cancel, carbon offsets suited to their needs. See the section on becoming carbon neutral for more details on the process, certification and branding.

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