Redshaw Advisors’ Success in Voluntary Carbon Market and Call for Transparent Pricing

Redshaw Advisors, known for their frequent victories in the mandatory carbon categories of Environmental Finance’s annual market rankings, achieved a remarkable feat this year by securing an award in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). They were honoured as the Best Trading Company and also received recognition as the runner-up for Best Advisory Company.

The accompanying article in the EF Awards publication highlights the robust growth observed in the VCM sector, which has shown resilience despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, the VCM experienced record volumes in late 2019 and the early months of 2020. Although growth temporarily paused during the initial stages of the pandemic, confidence returned and Verra reported the second-highest issuance of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) in May and June.

The awards publication also sheds light on certain projects witnessing significant price increases of 20% to 30% over the past year. Prices were positively affected towards the end of 2019 when Verra and another voluntary standards provider, Gold Standard, announced their decision to discontinue accepting new renewable projects from January 2020, except for those located in the least developed countries (LDCs).

Redshaw Advisors emphasized the importance of enhancing pricing transparency in the VCM to alleviate confusion and suspicion surrounding unregulated markets. They believe that transp