UK’s top climate adviser says criticism of net zero goal is ‘defeatist’ 

Criticism of the UK’s net zero targets has been branded ‘defeatist’ by the chief executive of the Committee of Climate Change, Chris Stark.

He is railing against claims the government’s net zero target is too expensive. Amid concerns that the initiative will be too costly, Stark has called for the Treasury to focus on the economic and geopolitical benefits of taking a leading role in decarbonisation, when weighing up the costs. With potential benefits in public health, local environmental health, increased workforce skill levels and an increased energy production autonomy being examples of gains to be had.

Stark suggests state intervention may be necessary to ensure a fair spread of costs and benefits across industries. Adding that the private sector requires transparent policies in order to support investment in decarbonising the nation’s major carbon contributing industries. These measures would require an eighth more capital expenditure according to Stark, which would require around £50 billion in extra spending from 2030.

Adapted from an article in The Guardian