One Two Zero - Footprint, Offset, Certify and Reduce

The One Two Zero programme is the first cost effective all-in-one solution for organisations to achieve operational carbon neutrality in-line with internationally recognised standards.

Operational carbon neutrality is a great first step for SMEs to begin their journey to net zero. Take account of all measurable emissions your company creates and support vital projects reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

One Two Zero is a one price, turnkey solution that gets your company started on its planet-friendly journey. The package is designed to guide you through collecting and measuring readily accessible data to procuring high impact carbon offsets, so you are certified operational carbon neutral. With the understanding of your carbon footprint and the ongoing support of our Plannet Zero team the programme then focuses on collaboration to find annual emissions reductions on your low carbon journey.

A truly comprehensive and accessible carbon neutrality programme for SMEs

  • Understand and identify all the emissions that occur within your operational control
  • Become carbon neutral in-line with internationally-recognised standards
  • Advocate One Two Zero to your supply chain to address your wider carbon impact


  • Develops in-house knowledge of carbon reporting
  • Identifies areas of possible emissions reduction
  • Adheres to industry carbon neutral standards
  • Typically performed in less than a month
  • Uses readily available company data
  • Can be used as a supply chain scope 3 solution
  • Defines a clear and precise boundary of reporting
  • Offsetting is included in the fixed price of the service.
  • Includes the retained expertise of the Plannet Zero team
  • Nurtures a long-term strategy for emissions reductions towards your net zero goal