Introducing Plannet Zero – your low-carbon partner

Redshaw Advisors Ltd. are taking its market-based principles of standardisation, transparency and risk management to shine some light on the voluntary carbon market and provide a platform for scale.

For some time, the voluntary carbon market has been difficult for end users to access and opaque when it comes to access to projects and pricing.  Plannet Zero plans to disrupt the traditional model and give organisations a direct connection to offset projects at wholesale market price. Plannet Zero is focused on developing a credible voluntary carbon market, our business model is focused on scaling the solutions for net zero by 2050. We work on fair and transparent margins across all of our offset procurement, allowing the majority of the carbon finance to return to project developers into new projects.

Our objectives:

  • Provide confidence in the marketplace to scale the solutions
  • Encourage removals-based projects to aid the transition to net zero
  • De-mystify the low-carbon journey for organisations 
  • Allow access for businesses of every size by lowering the associated costs
  • Build strong net zero strategies with carbon-neutral milestones
  • Empower in-house sustainability champions in every organisation
  • Introduce products and services to tool up businesses and nurture a culture of emissions reductions

Ready to embark on your low-carbon journey?

Want direct access to offset projects at wholesale market prices with full transparency?

Meet Plannet Zero, your partner for a sustainable future. We’re here to empower businesses of all sizes in their transition to net zero.

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