Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 report

Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 is a major new IEA (International Energy Agency) publication focused on the
technology needs and opportunities for reaching international climate and sustainable energy goals.

This new IEA report states that “achieving net-zero emissions requires a radical transformation in the way we
supply, transform and use energy. The rapid growth of wind, solar and electric cars has shown the potential of
new clean energy technologies to bring down emissions.

Net-zero emissions will require these technologies to be deployed on a far greater scale, in tandem with the
development and massive rollout of many other clean energy solutions that are currently at an earlier stage of
development, such as numerous applications of hydrogen and carbon capture”.

“We need more countries and businesses to get on board, we need to redouble efforts to bring energy access to all
those who currently lack it, and we need to tackle emissions from the vast amounts of existing energy infrastructure in use worldwide that threaten to put our shared goals out of reach.” Dr Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director said.

The report also highlights the requirements of other sectors to decarbonise, highlighting that “transforming the power sector alone would only get the world one-third of the way to net-zero emissions”.



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