Offsetting principles for post-2020 era

Voluntary market principles defined for post-2020 era


Since 2018 Gold Standard has been working with support from the German Ministry for the Environment (BMU) to
define the role of the voluntary carbon market post 2020.

In a recent communication, Gold Standard confirmed that the role of the voluntary carbon market is to bridge the
emissions gap, finance gap, and time gap under the Paris Agreement.

It should be used in addition to, not instead of setting ambitious science-based internal reduction targets.

The voluntary carbon markets should align and integrate with the Paris Agreement, avoiding displacing current
policy or corporate ambition.

There was also consensus on the fact that eligibility criteria and rules should be revisited to channel
investment to new projects, which help us to reduce emissions and balance emissions with sinks.

New rules could include:

1. Redefining additionality and baseline settings to promote higher ambition.

2. Reviewing eligibility for CDM projects to transition to the Gold Standard

3. A potential new role for carbon removals versus avoided emissions.


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