New guidelines for carbon offsetting

Oxford Offsetting Principles: Academics launch new guidelines for carbon offsetting


New principles, dubbed The Oxford Offsetting Principles, have been published to provide greater clarity on what constitutes a credible offset. It is hoped this becomes a key resource for cities, governments and companies, concerned over unwanted scrutiny for accusations of ‘greenwashing’.

Professor Cameron Hepburn of the university’s Smith School of Enterprise and Environment supports the use of offsetting adding that “Creating demand for long-lived greenhouse gas removal and storage is vital, whether we like it or not, to reaching the Paris goals”.

The report reiterated the belief that priority should be given to emission reductions before embarking on offsetting programmes and ensuring that the integrity of any offsetting can be demonstrated. Next, they should prioritise offsets that directly remove carbon from the atmosphere and offsets that remove carbon from the atmosphere permanently or almost permanently by shuttling it into long lived storage.

To find out more about carbon removals as a solution, join the Carbon Forward Conference on the 15th October when Eve Tamme will moderate an excellent panel including Celine Olesen from Climeworks, Antti Vihavainen from Puro Earth and Derik Broekhoff from the Stockholm Environmental Institute as they discuss “Hitting Net-Zero Carbon Removals”.

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