If you need to buy carbon credits (emissions allowances, EUAs, EU Allowances, EUAAs, EU Aviation Allowances) for compliance with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme then read on.

Carbon credits, are digital certificates representing 1 tonne of CO2. They are stored in registry accounts around the world, the type of allowance, purpose and regulatory regime will determine which registry account the allowances are held in. We examine the carbon trading basics in our Carbon Trading 101.


Who needs to buy carbon allowances?
Carbon allowances are traded globally and used in emissions trading compliance systems around the world or as part of voluntary efforts to ‘offset’ carbon footprints. The most common buyers are businesses (installations) that are subject to regulatory obligations (compliance schemes), such as the EU ETS. The need to buy depends on whether or not a company has a shortfall between its free allocation and its measured, or expected, emissions.

A growing number of businesses choose to take advantage of the benefits of carbon neutral certification (for more successful tenders, sales, reputation or just good environmental stewardship). Individuals may also choose to purchase allowances to offset their environmental impact, for example, everyday life or a certain part of it, such as the flights for a family holiday.


Is buying carbon credits a complex process?
Purchasing allowances is a straightforward process. For those wishing to purchase for compliance with a regulated emissions trading scheme, a registry account is required to enable delivery of the allowances. Voluntary purchases will (usually) entail a cancellation of the allowances purchased and this can be done on your behalf by the company you choose to purchase allowances from.


How much do emissions allowances cost?
There is no simple answer to this. Like any other commodity, the price of a carbon allowance is constantly changing, driven by supply and demand and this will also vary by allowance type. The easiest way to get up to date carbon prices is to give the Redshaw Advisors team a call on +44 203 637 1055 or email your price enquiry to: info@redshawadvisors.com.


Who do I contact to buy or sell carbon allowances?
Redshaw Advisors can assist you with managing the purchase of all kinds of carbon allowances. To discuss your requirements, the latest prices, trends and much more, please get in touch.