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Comprised of compliance and voluntary markets, the carbon sector is complex, diverse and dynamic.

Redshaw Advisors offers decades of cumulative carbon market and project development experience. The team welcomes and is committed to partnering with people and companies to help them succeed in their carbon market ambitions.

We provide clear, cost effective and optimal solutions for every client with access to a dedicated advisor who is there to help at every step of your carbon market journey.

Need help navigating the compliance carbon markets?

The Carbon Support Programme – CSP

EU and UK policy makers look set to impose carbon border tariffs and increase the sector scope of their ETS regimes. Importers of goods with embedded carbon costs, and companies from all sectors required to be compliant with an ETS, need to factor carbon prices into their budgets and investment plans. Redshaw Advisors offers expert, independent opinion on how to get this right.

The EU and UK ETS compliance systems are complex and evolving. Most companies within it lack sufficient resources to justify dedicated carbon specialists. Redshaw Advisors’ Carbon Support Programme (CSP) was established to address this challenge. Our team provides cutting edge analysis, market expertise and insight.

Our customers are provided with a tailored risk management package that enables them to understand, manage and get ahead of their EU or UK ETS risks. From what future free allocation may look like, to factoring in import certificates under the expected Cross Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), to navigating price movements, the CSP equips companies with the tools and knowledge they need to efficiently manage their carbon risks and thus focus on what they do best.

Key to the carbon risk puzzle is understanding price developments and forecasts. Redshaw Advisors can help. Our CSP customers have the advantage of our comprehensive coverage of the market which we summarise into daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Our quarterly reports incorporate assessment of future free allocation, thorough market analysis along with a complete explanation of what is influencing risk and, crucially, how it can be mitigated.

Throughout their carbon market journey, every client has access to a dedicated advisor who is there to help at every step of the way.


The Carbon Support Programme includes:

♦ ¹ A tailored quarterly EU ETS Financial Risk Audit that includes; cost analysis by company and installation, analysis of long term free allocation, EU ETS policy developments and market insights, hedge strategy cost/benefit analysis ♦ ² Access to the RAL team for answers to any EU ETS query (3).

Need help navigating the voluntary carbon markets?

The Net Zero Carbon Support Programme – NZCSP

The voluntary carbon market is an opaque and complex market to navigate effectively. There are a myriad of different services, solutions and pathways for organisations on their journey towards net zero. Based on the principles of the CSP we work with clients, to educate and empower them to confidently set and achieve net zero related ambitions

Redshaw Advisors offers a cost-effective pathway for market investors and corporates, that has been carefully curated to harness the potential and to deliver on the positive elements of these varied markets.

The Net Zero Carbon Support Programme (NZCSP) kicks off with a series of training workshops to get your team up to speed on the voluntary carbon markets and provides anytime access to a dedicated Redshaw Advisors team member to bring our experience into your sustainability conversations for a fraction of the cost of new hire.

Working in partnership with clients, our experts provide detailed advice on the most effective way to measure and calculate their carbon footprint, develop long term carbon offset strategies, and best practice on communicating milestones.

They will also provide clear and tailored recommendations for carbon offsetting either through avoidance or removal measures – with advice on the most suitable projects.

NZCSP customers will also receive the monthly Carbon Paper which provides insights and sets out developments across the sector.

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