Do you have a back-up plan in place to manage EU registry log-in problems? Registry security requires that two people…


…are involved in each transfer from or within the registry. Normal business life means that this isn’t always possible.  As many people have found to their company’s cost, and their elevated blood pressure, the complexity of accessing and nominating transfers in the European Union Registry (EUTL) makes it a potential minefield, particularly for installations who only access it once a year for compliance. Not having two people available for transfers when you need them means that your company is exposed to missing compliance deadlines and incurring penalties of €100 per EUA.

Too many of our customers have experienced the inconvenience and near-panic caused by the realisation, just before a compliance deadline, that a key registry signatory is out of the office, either because they are on holiday, sick, on maternity or paternity leave or have left the company completely. For convenience and peace of mind we offer an Additional Account Representative (AAR) service whereby Redshaw Advisors becomes one of your approved registry representatives.  This means that there is always someone from our team available to sign-off on your registry transfers.  Only transfers authorised by you will take place because as an AAR we can’t initiate transfers and we keep our registry login details secure.

With Redshaw Advisors as your EU ETS partner we can guide you through the Union Registry complexities and ensure you meet your compliance deadlines, stay on the right side of the transfer rules and timings and keep your registry balance in check.

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