Meet Plannet Zero - The initiative helping businesses to start their climate neutral journey

Plannet Zero, a subsidiary of the award-winning environmental markets advisory firm Redshaw Advisors, is demystifying the carbon offset market with a range of new services that seek to support businesses on their journey to net zero.

Increasingly, businesses across the globe are pledging to help minimise the effects of climate change through reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint. Earlier this year, 30 of the UK’s FTSE100 companies signed up to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign, pledging to eliminate their contribution to carbon emissions by 2050. Plannet Zero is focused on helping businesses to manage the journey.

Louis Redshaw, CEO and founder of Redshaw Advisors said “I’m excited that companies trying to achieve carbon neutrality and get on a path to net zero now have the opportunity to take advantage of clear and transparent choices. We have set ourselves out as guides to the complexity of carbon markets and Plannet Zero is a perfect complement to our existing activities.”

 Bill Goldie, Head of Voluntary Carbon Markets at Plannet Zero, said: “Historically, the voluntary carbon market has been difficult for businesses, especially SMEs, to access and there hasn’t been transparency  when it comes to access to projects and pricing. 

“Many organisations are making net zero commitments without properly understanding what this truly means. Our aim is to demystify the low carbon journey and provide confidence through introducing products and services that nurture a culture of emissions reductions with a focus on education.”

Amongst the services on offer is a Net Zero Carbon Support Programme, an advisory service which gives businesses  access to sustainability consultants to help keep them ahead of any changes within the voluntary carbon market. 

Another route designed particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) is an initiative which offers a bespoke, cost-effective solution that will help them kickstart their net zero journey. ‘One Two Zero’ is an accessible programme that will help SMEs to achieve operational carbon neutrality as a first step towards longer-term net zero goals.

How does it work? The Plannet Zero team provide the tools and empowers people within the company to: 

  • Calculate their carbon footprint
  • Implement and plan emission reductions
  • Take responsibility now and begin offsetting
  • Communicate being certified ‘Operational carbon neutral’
  • Implement an ongoing plan to reduce emissions
  • Repeat the above on an ongoing basis
  • Plannet Zero also offers businesses the opportunity to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to address their scope two emissions as well as access to an Offset Marketplace where businesses and individuals can buy carbon offsets from selected carbon projects at fair prices, including projects from composting in Brazil, cookstoves in Malawi and forestry protection (REDD+) in Peru.

About Plannet Zero

Plannet Zero is helping businesses to find their net zero pathway and navigate the carbon markets effectively to reduce their environmental risk.

A new vehicle in the Redshaw Advisors group, Plannet Zero will apply our long-standing and wide-ranging environmental market experience to the voluntary carbon market and the journey to net zero. 

About Redshaw Advisors

Redshaw Advisors is a team of carbon market experts providing companies, investors and governments with an understanding of what drives carbon prices and how carbon affects their financial bottom line.

Redshaw Advisors exists to take the stress out of carbon trading and procurement. Whether it is advice on where prices are headed, carbon credit financing, free allocation forecasts, hedging indirect carbon exposure and even designing an efficient Emissions Trading Scheme, everyone, whatever their exposure to carbon markets, can take advantage of Redshaw Advisors’ expertise.

Louis Redshaw is founder and CEO of Redshaw Advisors. He has been actively involved in the European carbon markets since before their inception in 2005. Prior to founding Redshaw Advisors he created the largest carbon business by volume, globally while Managing Director responsible for Environmental Markets at Barclays Capital. 

A truly comprehensive and accessible carbon neutrality programme for SMEs

  • Understand and identify all the emissions that occur within your operational control
  • Become carbon neutral in-line with internationally-recognised standards
  • Advocate One Two Zero to your supply chain to address your wider carbon impact


  • Develops in-house knowledge of carbon reporting
  • Identifies areas of possible emissions reduction
  • Adheres to industry carbon neutral standards
  • Typically performed in less than a month
  • Uses readily available company data
  • Can be used as a supply chain scope 3 solution
  • Defines a clear and precise boundary of reporting
  • Offsetting is included in the fixed price of the service.
  • Includes the retained expertise of the Plannet Zero team
  • Nurtures a long-term strategy for emissions reductions towards your net zero goal